Get your Mandolin, Guitar, Violin or bass in tune

Free Instrument Tuner

With this free online instrument tuner (Mandolin, Guitar, Violin, Bass etc) you can easily tune any instrument simply by pressing the Start button. Currently you can pick between several default presets for tuning your string instruments.
To be able to use the tuner you need to allow the browser to use your microphone on your device when you press the Start button. Once that is done, just start making some noise and the tuner will tell you which note you're currently playing and what frequenzy (in Hertz) you're playing.

There might be issues if you use the Facebook browser with this page. For example if you got the link from Facebook Messenger, then it will probably not ask for the microphone permissions since the Facebook browser don't seem to support that feature. So just copy paste the URL to another browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE or some mobile specific browser and it should do the trick.

If you press the "Enable Playback" mode checkbox, it will play the correct note for you that you're trying to play. This feature can be very useful if you have problem hitting the correct pitch on for example a Violin where you have to be very precise while playing.

Use Headphones if you enable the playback mode since otherwise for example your phone microphone will pick up the sound from its own speakers and then it will not work properly.
If have selected a preset from the dropdown menu, you can click any of the buttons that will appear to get the correct note (tuned in 440hz). If you want to stop the sound, just click the same button again.
Have fun and I hope you enjoy this free online instrument tuner!

Press Start and make a sound

I'll probably add more features to this tuner later, but you can use it as-is now and it's a completely free online instrument tuner. This tuner is made in Javascript.