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Monkey Island Covers by Yffisch

Monkey Island 2, Woodtick Theme accordion cover

Woodtick Theme from Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge. This is a cover of all the woodtick themes in one place, one of my favorite adventure games soundtrack. I play this with me, myself and I on accordion (upside down), flutes, harmonica and clarinet.
- 2019-02-24

Monkey Island 2, Main theme (Campfire song) cover

Monkey Island 2, LeChuck's Revenge, Main Theme (Campfire Intro/Bart and Fink) accordion upside down cover by Yffisch. Lucas Arts 1991. Originally composed by Michael Land. Played on chinese xiao flute, silver flute, button accordion, clarinet and a pepper mill.
- 2018-11-28

Monkey Island 4, Scumm bar theme accordion cover

Scumm bar theme accordion cover from Escape from Monkey Island, Lucas Arts. 2000. Parts of my PC big box game collection is in the background where I try to show my Monkey Island games at the same time. Also check out my other Monkey Island covers on this channel. I play this on button accordion, sopranino recorder, alt recorder, mandolin and clarinet.
- 2018-10-30

Monkey Island 2, Jojo the Monkey theme accordion cover

Jojo the Monkey theme from Monkey Island 2: Le chucks Revenge soundtrack, Lucas Arts, 1991 Imagine that you're in a pub - close your eyes or something and drink some beer :)
- 2018-01-29

Monkey Island 2, Captain Dread theme accordion cover

Captain Dread Theme from Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge. Captain Dread Theme was not really my favorite theme in MI2 but I hope I made it justice with this cover. I play this on accordion, flutes,and clarinet.
- 2019-12-19

Monkey Island 3, Barbery coast theme accordion cover

Barbery Coast Theme from The Curse of Monkey Island (Lucas Arts 1997) which is one of my favorite adventure games soundtrack. I play this with me, myself and I on accordion, flutes and clarinet.
- 2020-05-27

Monkey Island 3, A Pirate I was meant to be theme accordion cover

A Pirate I Was Meant To Be Accordion Cover from The Curse Of Monkey Island (Lucas Arts). Original tune is composed by Michael Z. Land. Hope you enjoy it, it was a quite hard tune to learn and to be able to play it in one streak. I think I spent 1-2 months of just banging the tune into my head by ear. Then a couple of more months of practising :P
- 2020-09-08

Monkey Island 1, Scumm Bar theme flute cover

I have not made a Secret of Monkey Island cover yet, I realised. And since I'm practicing new instruments, I'll celebrate the 30 years birthday by trying out something that I've never dared to do before. The three headed GUITAR! I also bought a new flute last week, it's a Pearl PF-F665RE-3SP 3K. So now I have a better flute than before. Well, this is the Scumm Bar theme from Monkey Island 1. No more, no less. Just a little bit tweaked with nicer chords than the original to suit my purposes ;)
- 2020-10-22

Monkey Island 3, Puerto Pollo theme accordion cover

Puerto Pollo Theme Cover from The Curse of Monkey Island. Lucas Arts 1997. One of my favorite tracks from the MI soundtrack. I have wanted to make a cover of the Puerto Pollo theme for quite a long time, but didn't have the motivation. But here it is. Hope I made it justice. I play this on Whistle, Silver flute, Mandolin and Button Accordion.
- 2021-12-19

The Beacon - Main Theme (flute part)

I've recorded the flute part for the game "The Beacon" which you can listen to here. I've not composed the music nor done anything else except the flute recording.
- 2023-11-30